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SiteGround - THE WordPress Web Hosting

This the go-to web hosting solution for WordPress. You can host single or multiple websites with ease. You don’t have to worry about server downtime, slow website load time or any other issues that you will face with other hostings. Not every website host can say that they offer a great membership area to explore their service. They know how important convenience is to the current consumer. Even when you’re building out your very first website, this is the sort of web hosting you’ll want to go with. Keep in mind that other hosts sell “unlimited” hosting which may in fact end up being rather limited. SiteGround does not do the same thing, which is great. Today I will tell you about THE WordPress Web Hosting.

Its WordPress and Its Fast

Their speed makes them one of the quickest loading hosts in the marketplace today. Across the webhosting realm you will hardly fiind any thing negitive said about SiteGround. They may not be perfect but they offer the best and a a lot of it. No matter what type of hosting you’re looking for, Siteground has it all.
SiteGround presents three really excellent options in StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek, each with different pro/cons and distinct pricing.

Key elements to look for

When you are trying to find the best host for your website there are a couple of key elements you would like to look for.

Free SSL

Whereas most of other WordPress hosts still want you to manually activate SSL, SiteGround now automatically issues abolutely free SSL certificates to all domains.

Zero Downtime

SiteGround guarantees its users a typical annual uptime of 99.99% and people who may experience more than 0.1% downtime it promises offerings and support. Suffice it to say you need a host which loads your website quickly.

Excellent Support

SiteGround places a significant focus on offering the very best support possible. SiteGround have excellent support system. It includes support via phone call, live chat and email support via ticket. Regardless of the hours of the day, the staff is always on and ready to function. You will receive instant replies whenever you are doing a live chat, have phone call or the resolution by email within minutes. They have a huge support staff which can help you with any website or server problems 24/7. Not only will you receive a fast response to any problems you are facing, but their technical-competent team is really familiar with any issues you are currently experiencing.

DataCenters of choice

SiteGround provides you a host varity of datacenters, so that you may select the one nearest to your customers.You can choose which datacenter that your server can be stationed in. You can also set up their free Cloudflare CDN to make sure your site loads fast.

Ease of adding a domain

It is possible to pay to register a domain with SiteGround at the time you sign up. Or you can use your own current domain for the SiteGroundhosting.

Web hosting for WordPress and beyond

SiteGround has optimized their support for WordPress, but you can use any program that is permissible, like the ones they provide as 1-Click installs. Including alternative CMSs like Joomla and Magento. You might also want to use SiteGround’s website builder to create a website fast and without hassle.

Siteground has become the gold standard when it comes to WordPress web hosting. SiteGround has grown into one of the top class hosting provider in the world. Compare that with the majority of other hosts that either don’t know WordPress, or worse still, blame WordPress when it is actually a problem with their servers. Working with customer WordPress websites since 2010, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the hosts. Knowing that you want web hosting that you can develop with is 1 thing. Deciding one of the many choices out there is another. The basis of all that work is the website, and thus the hosting service which forces it.

Look No Further

I have been looking for a great host for ages and eventually found SiteGround. They aren’t only efficient in their service delivery but also courteous. I happen to be using SiteGround to host all of my sites and I’ve been very much impressed by their services. SiteGround is THE WordPress Web Hosting.

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