Hidayat Rizvi

Founder and Leader


  • Over twelve years of experience in Web Design , Web Development, SEO, Analysis, Design and Implementation, with extensive experience in ECM-CCM, SDLC, database schema design, Three-tier and Web based solutions
  • Worked in the capacity of ECM-CCM Architect, Application Designer and Senior Developer for various client engagement
  • More than six years of experience working in CCM solutions with Thunderhead suite of Products and APIs including design, development, installation and support
  • Extensive experience in migration of Documentum and Sefas templates to Thunderhead system
  • More than six years of experience working in ECM solutions in Documentum, Captiva and Tibco suite of product
  • Experience in major areas: Enterprise Content Management including Document Management, Scanning and Storage Solution implementation, Content Template design, Compliance and Archive Management
  • Extensive experience in application and RDBMS design and development in Perl, Java, J2EE, XML Weblogic, Sybase and DB2
  • Extensive work experience writing SQL, Stored Procedures, Database Triggers and PL/SQL
  • In-depth knowledge, understanding and work experience in XML based technologies
  • Experience with Object Oriented Analysis and Design techniques with UML using Use Cases, Flow Charts, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and State Transition Diagrams
  • Strong ability to quickly master and apply new concepts, excellent communication and analytical skills


Degree: Bachelors in Electronics and telecommunications engineering
College: REC, Raipur, India
Major: Electronics and telecommunications

Degree: Master of Science in Engineering
University: Wright State University, Dayton, OH, USA
Major: Electrical Engineering



WordPress and SEO 95%

WordPress 4.2 – 5.4, Elementor Page builder, PHP 5X – 7X, HTML 5, CSS 3, Cartflows, Envato Elements, Jet Plugins, ClickFunnles, Image Optimization, Speed optimization, Search engine Optimization, On – Page SEO, Keyword research, Competitor Analysis

ThunderHead Suite 91%

Business Content Studio 2x/3.5,5.1,6.0 Business Object Studio 2x/3.5,5.1,6.0 Review case editor/xml,Thunderhead Admin, Analyse Now, Interview Now, Batch Config, Op config, Derived Properties, Script Libraries, Thunderhead APIs

Documentum Suite 85%

Content Server 6.5/6.7/5x/4x, Documentum Administrator WebTop 6.5/6.7/5x/4x, Desktop Client, Application Builder, Composer, Process Manager, Workflow Manager, WDK, DFC, IDQL, IAPI, AutoRender Pro

Captiva Suite 89%

InputAccel Captiva Clients and Sever 6.01/5.3, Dispatcher and eInput 5.3, Process developer, VBA

Languages: Java, Perl, JavaScript, Shell Script, HTML, XML, XSD, XSLT, XSL, C, C++, Pascal, LISP

Operating Systems: Windows NT/ 2000/ XP, UNIX Sun Solaris, Linux Red Hat

J2EE : Java, XML, JSP, servlets, Ant Script, EJB, Webservices

GUI/Front End : CGI/Perl, Flex 2.0, Jsp/Java Script, Tibco GI

DataBase: Sybase, DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, mysql

Application Server: Weblogic7x/8x, WebSphere, Apache TomCat

IDE: Eclipse, Net Beans, inteljidea

Version Control: SVN, CVS

Job Scheduling: Autosys, Crontab

Workflow: Tibco iProcess

Messaging System: Tibco Business Works, Tibco Rendezvous Messaging System, JMS

Paul A. Rubin

+1 2014993205

Nikolay V. Ushakov

+1 2014998274

Ben Tang

+1 7325338676


Rosetta Digital, Jagdalpur, India
Title: Founder
Date: 05/01/2015 – Current
Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Regular, Medium and Complex website design. Landing page design. Blog or Magazine website design
  • Donation and non-profit website design. Website migration and maintenance
  • Sales funnel , Lead capture Funnel , membership funnel, Webinar funnel , survey funnel, Tripwire funnel in wordpress and clickfunnels
  • Products and services page, Upsell Downsell, One time offer, one step checkout page.
  • Covert Clickfunnels , Convertri funnels to WordPress.
  • Convert Any design , Sketch, prototype into wordpress website
  • Search Engine Optimization including On Page SEO, Keyword Research , Competitor analysis
  • Migratation and maintenance of wordpress website. Image and Speed optimization. Cloudflare

JPMorgan India Private Limited, Mumbai, India
Title Application developer
Date: 12/01/2013 – 07/30/2014
Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Thunderhead template development, migration and integration effort
  • Packaging, installation, testing and issue resolution of Thunderhead 6.0 client, server and Microsoft caspol software
  • Thunderhead Server migration including Thunderhead 6.0 server and JBoss application server installation on Linux red hat
  • Coordinate and issue resolution during integration and template testing on Thunderhead 6.0 with various team
  • Analysis of Microsoft infopath legacy documents and forms for migration to Thunderhead templates

Capgemini FSGBU, Chicago, IL
Title: Lead Consultant
Date: 06/01/2011 – 05/31/2013
Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Design and authoring of Thunderhead Solution Requirements Specification (SRS), Solution Design Document (SDS), Quick Start Document, Thunderhead Application Composition Specification Document, Sequence diagrams and Class diagrams, Web Service Definition Language(WSDL)s,
  • Design and Authoring of XML Schema, XML data and Thunderhead business objects.
  • Design and implementation of POC and Pilot application to generate HTML reports on Sefas XML based documents which serve as Thunderhead Composition Specifications as part of migration effort
  • Authoring of style sets , layouts and templates in Thunderhead business content studio with varying complexity and file type including PDF, HTML, Word ML ,text and Word ML.
  • Authoring of Thunderhead Document script, Script library, Derived properties and Banner Pages
  • Implemented multi channel and multi recipients delivery using Thunderhead batch config and Op Config.
  • Responsible for Scrum execution and delivery of Thunderhead templates on 2 week and 4 week cycle
  • Resolution of technical and product issues with Thunderhead product support team
  • Resolution of technical issues and requirement queries with client team on daily basis
  • HPQC Thunderhead Defect resolution by offshore development team and client testing team in timely manner
  • End to end testing using Thunderhead web service calls and directory listener configuration
  • Responsible for engagement with client and provide support, knowledge transfer and mentoring of offshore development and testing team on daily basis
  • Responsible for client demo, Unit testing, getting sign off on architecture and processes
  • Setup and verify guidelines for UNIX and windows server hardening of content server repository
  • Responsible for Basis Of Estimate (BOE) including Delivery schedule, Activities, Team Structure and Effort Estimation for various Engagements

INJ Software Solutions LLC,Antioch, CA
Title: Systems Analyst
Client – County of Fairfax, Fairfax, VA
Date: 02/01/2011 – 05/31/2011
Responsibilities and Duties :

  • Responsible for design and implementation of Captiva processes for multiple agencies and customization, bug-fix, migration, testing and deployment of 5.25 to 6.5 webtop code
  • Design and develop Captiva process including modules ScanPlus, indexPlus, Multi, Timer, Advance Documentum Export and Nuance OCR
  • Integration, end to end testing and deployment of Captiva Processes
  • Execute Change request including department wise separation , create role definition, security and validation implementation, and Launch workflow on Captiva server and ipp processes
  • Simple search customization of webtop to search on custom types and custom queries
  • Advance search customization webtop to search on custom types, attributes and label
  • Quickflow implementation and Customization of webtop to Launch, approve and delete documents
  • Assign next available or new Case-number via java method and SBO calls from webtop
  • Webtop bug fix and configuration including , timeout, odd screen , breadcrumbs not visible on search result, Custom attribute needs to be mandatory, taxonomy remapping, limit number of search results, disable drag and drop, disable fulltext search

Software International Inc,Somerset, NJ
Title: Systems Analyst
Client: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston, MA
Date: 11/01/2010 – 01/31/2011
Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Design and Implementation of BSAS capture process Automation in Captiva 6.01 and VBA including Multi-Directory Watch, Code 39 Barcode reader, IndexPlus MultiSelect and Documentum Advance Export
  • Authoring of Captiva Process flow Design document for BSAS image capture process
  • Design and develop Documentum archival Job to archive documents and corresponding folder after one year
  • Creation and deployment of Documentum Composer artifacts for object types used by the BSAS Capture process
  • Design of barcode page (code 39) to capture data as barcode to tag documents and automate storage process
  • Configuration of Captiva modules and services used by the BSAS Capture Process
  • Process Configuration specific to BSAS department wise task separation for Manual Indexing
  • Test cases creation with possible scenarios for automatic and manual indexing cases
  •  End to end demo of the BSAS Capture process to the client and execution of raised change requests

Mind Source Consulting, Bangaluru,Karnataka
Title: ECM Consultant
Client: Aircel, Gurgaon, Haryana
Date: 10/01/2009 – 10/31/2010
Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Design and develop captiva processes new order, change order and missing docs with modules escan, odbc, image enhancement, scan ocr, multiselect, dispatcher classification, dispatcher recognition, dispatcher validation.
  • Design and develop dispatcher classification and validation templates for CAF form.
  • Design and implement Documentum Content Replication Job to fit the online repository requirement.
  • Implement Content Accelerated Services on Phase One DocMS System.
  • Customize WebTop check ACL component to check permission on object to modify based on custom attribute circle and account segment.
  • Customize Import component to import back door CAF (customer application Form) data via excel for Circle administrators, configure import component for custom types.
  • Create reconcile component which update supporting documents in exception folder with CAF number of the entered msisdn number and updates flag to move the documents to mobility folder.
  • Customize advance search component to do custom search on Aircel msisdn, account Number, CEF number and SR number.
  • Create DFC job to move CAF and supporting documents and Aircel number folder from temp folder to mobility folder.
  • Create DFC job to move CAF and supporting documents for multi connection and Aircel number folder from temp folder to multi connection folder once CRM account is created.
  • Create DFC job for change order documents to update the existing CAF documents.
  • Create DFC jobs to send CAF and support documents data to update CRM via stored procedure.
  • Create DFC job to get account number from CRM and update it on CAF and supporting documents.
  • Create DFC job to collect data from uploaded excel document, do validations on the data, update data on scanned image documents and create appropriate folder structure.
  • Create DFC Job to extract data and CAF and support document images and FTP to windows server for outside system.
  • Raise and follow up issues related to ACS, Content Replication and Retention policy with EMC and work on their resolution.

EZE Systems Inc, Somerset, NJ
Title: Software Engineer
Client: Lehman Brothers, Jersey City, NJ
Date: 04/01/2005 –09/30/2009
Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Create and maintain users, groups and ACLs for Documentum, Thunderhead and Myconfirms Application
  • Design and development of Back office trade confirmation templates and Credit Events templates in Thunderhead and message processing application in Tibco business works for multiple business products
  • Write extensively on xml, xml schema including Rosetta and Thunderhead xml creation, transformation, parsing and manipulation with castor cut, xerces, sax and xalan parsers
  • Design and authoring of Confirms XML Schema and Business Object in Thunderhead Business Object studio. Design and Authoring of skeletal or blue print Thunderhead content template
  • Authoring of on content template, application integration. System and template migration from Thunderhead 2.19 to 3.5
  • Create Workflows as per business process and requirements using Workflow manager involving confirms authoring, inbound process, peer review, marketer-trader approval, signature process and outbound fax
  • Migration of approximately 9 million-trade confirmation Document and data from Documentum to Mobius ViewDirect using Dcoumentum APIs, DQL, and Unix Commands. This process extracts the data and document send to the demon process via FTP which picks them up and uploads
  • Write reconciliation process in Perl, Java and DFC to migrated missed documents during FTP
Hidayat Rizvi
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