Learning Bubble App Builder : The Ultimate Road Map

Definitive guide to learning Bubble App Builder


Bubble or Bubble.io is the leader of no-code app platform. It offers not just the no-code app builder but also app hosting, agency listing and forum. So if you are a startup , entrepreneur, freelancer or a agency you wanna get the right learning resource to get up and running as fast as possible. Today I will give a definitive guide on learning bubble app builder.

Step 0

You wanna create by account at bubble.io and start with the training offered at bubble.io/academy. Go through the short video introductions listed as “video courses” or you can directly acces them at bubble.io/courses.

Next up take the “interactive lesions” listed under bubble.io/academy with easy mode and then with hard mode.

So far so good.

Next thing you see listed under bubble.io/academy is “how to build” blogs laying out how to build facebook, quora, shopify etc with bubble. You can try building one at this stage but 99.9% times you wont be able to.

Total Cost so far $0.00

Step 1

Head over to skillshare sign up for a free trial of premium account for 14 days. They always have trial going on. Use the coupon code newmember2020 at checkout and get 2 months free instead of 14 days.

Search for and take following courses at skillshare :

Learn How To Build Fully Functional Apps Without Coding by Leon Petrou


Build ANY kind of web app – without code using Bubble.is by Mohammed Haashir

Don’t try to build what’s in the course (we will start doing this from next course onwards). Just watch the courses and try to understand as much as possible.

Total cost so far $0.00

Step 3

Head over to udemy.com and search for following courses:

Complete Bubble Developer Course: Build Apps Without Coding by Leon Petrou

Build Airtask: A To Do List Application Built With Bubble by Gregory John


The Bubble Beginners Bootcamp (2019) – Visual Programming by Gregory John

These 3 are foundation courses. Don’t just watch the courses. Do what’s in the video courses side by side on bubble.io buy creating apps.

Total cost so far: $12X2 = $24

PS: You can get a discount price at Udemy with a one time discount coupon. To get a one time discount coupon email Udemy for Business Support at ufbsupport@udemy.com

You are half way done learning bubble app builder.

Step 4

Head over to Zeroqode Labs and sigh up. Its $149 for life time membership.

Take as many courses as you can specially from Gregory John ( the same instructor from Udemy). Go full onboard and all with learning. Do as much of what’s taught in the courses on bubble.io account by creating apps in your account.

Total spend so far: $24 + $149 = $173

Step 5

Head over to coaching no coding at coachingnocodeapps.com/vip-member and sign up for vip membership. Its $19.99 per month. You will need it for 1 or 2 months.

Lessons are arranged in categories like workflows, database, security etc. They are in the format of videos, article/document, text and YouTube videos You can also do a search for a keyword like “payment” and it will return the lessons as results. Again go full ham with it and do search and learn as much as possible.

You can do step 4 and 5 in parallel.

Total spend so far: $173 + $20 = $193

That’s it, you are a full blown bubbler now

For a total spend of $193 and with some hard work you are a full blown bubbler, pun intended. Now you can build your app confidently. You can do no-code bubble freelancing. You can start your own no-code agency.

Bonus : The Go-To place for WordPress Web Hosting

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